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The Tzolkin is a 260-day calendar used for religious purposes in the society and rituals. It combines a cycle of 13 numbers (13 months) with another cycle of 20 named days per month.
The numbers run from 1 up to 13. The 20 names and glyphs of the days are:

1. Imix
2. Ik
3. Akbal
4. Kan
5. Chikchan
6. Kimi
7. Manik
8. Lamat
9. Muluk
10. Ok
11. Chuwen
12. Eb
13. Ben
14. Ix
15. Men
16. Kib
17. Kaban
18. Etznab
19. Kawak
10. Ajaw

For any fixed day name there are 40 days between subsequent numbers, eg.:
4 Akbal = 3 Akbal + 40 days
5 Akbal = 3 Akbal + 80 days

How to use the JavaScript:
  • Select the number of the day and the day name from the menus.
    The selections appear in the textfields right of "start:". The texfield after the equation sign "=" is the position number (1 to 260) within the calendar.

  • To browse through the calendar use the button "next day".

  • Or enter a number into the textfield preceeding "days" and press the button "add" to jump forward in the calendar by the step you entered.

260 days calendar Maya Tzolkin

Tzolkin Calendar applet

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