The Mathematics of the Rainbow

Each internal reflection turns the beam by 180°-2β, two refractions (in and out) turn it by 2(α-β).


For k internal reflections the total deflexion δ is:

δ = 2(α-β) + k(180°-2β) = 2α - 2(k+1)β + k 180°    (1)

To find the angle α of incidence at extremal deflexion we differentiate the equation (1) for α and solve for zero:
dbda         (2)

Using Snell's law: sin(β) = sin(α)/n we have β = arcsin[sin(α)/n]. Differentiating β for α:

diffentiate     (3)
Equating and squaring (2) and (3) we get the angles α and β at extremal deflexion:


folgt   sos alpha     or      sinus

sinus beta

Inserting into equation (1) for extremal deflexion:


For one reflexion (primary rainbow):
deflexion angle delta

Measurement of the refractive index of distilled water from the near-infrared region to the ultraviolet regi

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